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About The Program

Our teachers love bringing the joys and benefits of yoga to little ones through our fun, age-appropriate yoga practice for toddlers. While engaging in imaginative play, children learn strengthening poses (asanas), breathing (pranayama), and relaxation techniques. Throughout the program, little yogis develop their fine and gross motor skills while learning mindfulness and calming tools to draw upon in everyday life.


Learning through Imagination:

Similarly to our dance program, our teachers present yoga concepts through simple and relatable imagery. Yoga practice is full of animal poses along with shapes such as triangle pose and other  recognizable characters such as warrior and happy baby pose. It's as if yoga was made for kids with a plethora of imaginative poses just waiting to be made into a story. Throughout every class, teachers create a fun-filled adventure while engaging kids through stretching, movement, and sensory play. 

Life Skills:

As adults, we reach for the calming care of yoga to relax us and take our stress away. While children play, grow, and learn about the world around them, they will experience many emotions and feelings similar to adults including stress, fear, and anger. Yoga is a beautiful way to teach children techniques to deal with these emotions in a productive, empathic, and empowering way. 

*Classes can be taught in Spanish upon request

*Please inquire for pricing options

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