A student practicing her pointed toes.

Students eagerly waiting back stage before a winter performance.

A Pre-k dance student practicing his "échappé."

A Ballet 1 student working hard to shape her foot.

Students from the Ballet 1 class on dress up day. They dressed up as "Tendu the Superhero" and saved the day one pointy toe at a time!

We love to tendu!

One of our Pre-k dancers practicing his "attitude" position. 

Having fun in class! 

A Toddler Dance student imitating Ms. Allegra's position 

A Baby Dance student practicing her "passé."

The Ballet 1 class loves practicing their arabesque!

Pre-k students stretching after class

A Baby Dance student enjoying some scarf play

Baby Dance students finding their toes

A Toddler Dance student practicing her butterfly stretch with arms in 5th position

Baby Dance students and Ms. Allegra preparing for class

Two Toddler Dance students practicing their "first positions," while holding hands criss-cross, like dancers

We always end class with a bow!

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