Outdoor Classes in Prospect Park and Cobble Hill

Brooklyn Dance Conservatory currently offers outdoor, socially distanced, drop-in classes in Prospect Park. Classes are available for ages 1.5-2, 2-5, and 4-6 and require a parent/caregiver to be present. Outdoor classes are meant to provide kids with an imaginative experience that includes beginning dance terminology, while giving students the consistency they need during uncertain times. Classes also provide socially distant exposure to peers and a safe environment for kids to enjoy an activity during COVID.

Prospect Park Schedule:

Classes are offered on weekdays and Saturday mornings (weather permitting). The weekday class schedule changes from week to week to adjust for weather. To join the mailing list or inquire about upcoming park classes, contact us here

Cobble Hill:

Classes in Cobble Hill are offered for ages 2-5 and take place on Mondays in Carroll Park at 10am and 4:45pm. To join the email list to sign up for a class, please contact us here.





Private Backyard Classes

Can't make it to the park? We come to you!


We provide private classes in backyards throughout Brooklyn. Due to COVID-19, classes must be conducted outdoors and are limited to 7 children. A parent or caregiver must be present during the class. For your safety, teachers will wear a mask and will practice social distancing before, during and after the lesson. Props will be thoroughly sanitized in between classes and teachers will sanitize their hands before and after class. Teachers also do not take public transportation to and from classes.

Read more about our curriculum and teaching philosophy here

To schedule a class or inquire about rates, contact us here.

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